Swimming - Key Stage 1

As part of the National Curriculum, all schools must provide swimming instruction either in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.  Pupils at Airthrie are fortunate to be able to use Cheltenham Ladies’ College 25 metre swimming pool, a short walk across the playing field, for weekly timetabled lessons.  We believe that all pupils should become both comfortable and proficient in the water, both above and below, and have developed a programme of improvement that spans the full age range.

All pupils are taught to;

In Key Stage 1 the children are assessed at the beginning of term and put into one of three groups:

Beginners - learn to enjoy being in the water and become more confident, learn how to keep afloat, move in the water, meet challenges and breathe when swimming.

Improvers - swim 10 metres with swimming aids and supports using their arms and legs to propel them, swim 5 metres without aids or supports, move confidently in water when their feet are touching the ground, join in water activities, explore different ways of moving in water, swim and play on the surface, put their heads in the water, recognise how the temperature of the water makes their body feel, identify the activities they are confident with in the water.

Advanced - swim 25 metres unaided using their arms and legs with some co-ordination, use more than one method of swimming. move in and around water confidently, explore ways of swimming on and below the surface of the water, know how to keep themselves warmer in water and how to breathe when swimming, describe different arm and leg actions and explain how the actions work together to help them move better, know how to improve further.


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