In Key Stage 1 children are introduced to Unihoc, a simplistic version of hockey that uses plastic sticks and a much lighter ball, where they are coached in the fundamentals of hand-eye co-ordination.  This provides an important basis to further coaching and skills development in Key Stage 2.

From Year 3 upwards, hockey is taught in 6-week blocks during the autumn and spring games timetable.  Children are coached in year groups and each session is led by two members of staff, who concentrate on further developing ball and stick skills and introduce skills such as hitting position, receiving skills, how to lead and then pass with the ball, defending and attacking and, to some extent, tackling.  Each session ends with small-sided competitive games.  

Children from Years 4-6 are encouraged to attend the after-school Hockey Club that provides the opportunity to hone match technique and represent the school in matches against other schools and at local and national tournaments.  Please see ‘Clubs – Hockey’ for more detail.

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