Football is introduced to children in Key Stage 1.  During these years pupils are coached in the fundamentals of the game (kicking, passing and ball control).  Lessons have a high pupil - teacher ratio in order to enable focused coaching.  This provides the groundwork for correct practice and is an important basis for further coaching and skill development in Key Stage 2.

From Year 3 upwards, football is taught in 6-week blocks during the Autumn and Spring terms.  Children are coached in year groups and each session is led by two members of staff, who concentrate on further developing skills such as shooting, passing and ball control. Tackling skills are taught through small group work where tactics such as 'attack against defence' are introduced.  Each session ends with small-sided competitive games.  

Children in Years 1-3 are encouraged to attend the after-school Football Club on Wednesdays to start learning new skills.  Years 4-6 are encouraged to attend the Club on Fridays as this will provide the opportunity to hone match technique and represent the School in matches against other schools.  Please see ‘Clubs – Football’ for more detail.


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