Religious Education

Since 1944 all schools have been required to teach RE to all pupils on roll (except those withdrawn by their parents) and RE remains part of the basic curriculum for all pupils at Airthrie.   Our Scheme of Work is based on the 2017 Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus which has been created for Gloucestershire's Standing Advisory Council of Religious Education (SACRE) and approved by Gloucestershire County Council.  


RE and personal development:

The 2017 syllabus retains its emphasis on RE contributing to the personal development of pupils.  RE is not simply about gaining knowledge and understanding about religions and beliefs, it also helps pupils to develop their own understanding of the world, skills and attitudes.  It makes a significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as well as important opportunities for exploring British Values.

Religions and beliefs:

The 2017 syllabus maintains the required study of religions and beliefs in each Key Stage.  Teachers are still free to teach RE flexibly, through weekly timetabled lessons, RE days or RE weeks, for example, or a combination of different models.

Open, enquiring RE:

The 2017 syllabus continues to offer open, enquiring, exploratory RE, suitable for pupils who have religious faith of their own as well as for those who have no religious faith.






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