Mr Mike Sullivan

Partner Co-Owner

Time at Airthrie: 01/01/1983 (38 years ago)
Specialist Subjects: Design and Manufacturing Technology, Aerospace (Flight Physics) R&D. (Founder & Former Owner): Future Advanced Manufacture Ltd.

Following graduation back in the last Century, I started my working life as a Product Designer / Industrial Designer, working in the UK and abroad. At the time that we started our family, I took over a small family engineering business which I was fortunate enough to grow into a company working in the Advanced Manufacturing sector mainly within the research and development sectors of the larger (and smaller) Aerospace companies. We also teamed with other international companies and universities to undertake European Framework 7 Research and Development projects within the Flight Physics sector. I sold the company via an internal management buy-out, retiring in 2008 (I think they were able to demonstrate that it was time for me to leave as about three months later the company was awarded South West England small companies of the year award; the new management being both highly proactive and competent).

I have always supported the school in the areas of Finance and its Infrastructure, together with its Compliance and IT Systems.