Mrs Linsey Derounian

Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator

Time at Airthrie: 01/09/1996 (24 years ago)
Qualifications: BA (Hons) East Anglia, PGCE (credit UEA), TEFL
Specialist Subjects: English, Maths, Science

I have had a diverse and wide-ranging career in education and teaching.

As a teacher at Airthrie I have had the privilege of participating in a School which has grown and developed over the years.

Before coming to Airthrie I worked in a variety of educational establishments, both state and private, in this country and abroad. I have worked with children of various ages in London, Northumberland and Devon, as well as with young adults in Papua New Guinea for Voluntary Service Overseas.

In Bradford I taught at an Immigrant Reception Centre where I developed a long-term interest in literacy and language development. When I was appointed to my present role in 2009 I began to foster and extend the teaching of language and phonics within Key Stage 1.

Over the past few years I have become increasingly involved in teaching Science at Key Stage 1 and see Science as a very valuable way of harnessing children's natural inquisitiveness about their world.

As the leader of Key Stage 1, I am proud of the level of commitment shown by my team, which I feel is reflected in the enthusiasm our children display for learning, and the results they obtain.

Classes Assisted

Ash, Beech, Willow


Extended After-School Care - Homework