Mrs Charlie Bullock

Assistant Head - Academic

Time at Airthrie: 01/09/2012 (5 years ago)
Qualifications: MSc University of Oxford, PGCE University of Gloucestershire

Whilst at school, I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who truly inspired me, who brought lessons to life and gave me the confidence to reach my potential. Ever since that time I have wanted to be a teacher and have the same impact on my pupils' lives that he did on mine.

Since graduating with a PGCE from the University of Gloucester. I have taught across Key Stage 2 in a diverse range of schools in both Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire. However, although I have specialised in the teaching of English and the use of Computing within the classrooms, I am, by training, a scientist. I graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in Chemistry, having become one of the youngest speakers ever to address the Royal Society of Chemistry, whilst presenting my thesis to a chemical warfare conference.

There are many parallels between teaching and acting and, throughout my life I have enjoyed performing to any audience, whether on stage at the National Theatre with Cheltenham's Everyman Youth Theatre or in front of a classroom.

I relish the challenges of teaching and making learning fun, encouraging independence and perseverance within my pupils. My aim is to engender a passion for learning in my pupils, which will serve them throughout their life. I firmly believe that as a teacher, I should also model this commitment to on-going learning and have recently completed a Masters in Education at Oxford Brookes University, focusing on leading curriculum change through Action Research. Furthermore, I was privileged to be involved in the development of 'Rainbow Writing' and later wrote a case study in Bryan Harrison's book of the same name. I am now enjoying writing articles on teaching pedagogy for ňúTeach Primary' magazine.

I also believe it is important to have a healthy work-life balance and, outside of teaching, have many interests. Having studied with the Open College of the Arts, I am a keen artist, enjoying photorealistic drawing and am currently learning how to etch.

I also love history, where I am a lifetime member of English Heritage and have become intrigued whilst researching my family tree. Furthermore, I have taught myself Flash-based computer programming, which I have used to design classroom resources.

However, my true passion (which could be described as an obsession) is supporting Gloucester rugby and I have spent many a Saturday afternoon freezing in the 'Shed'.

Classes Assisted

Oak E and Oak W