Our primary aim is that both staff and pupils are happy and comfortable within our school environment, so that they are enthusiastic and motivated to work well.

Airthrie teachers are responsible for all aspects of our pupils' education and offer a wide variety of specialist training, skills and teaching experience.  One common factor, however, is a desire to help young children to grow in knowledge, understanding and confidence.

Teaching staff are only appointed to permanent positions after rigorous scrutiny of their qualifications and in many cases their track record in other establishments. Additionally, we look for their concurrence with our ethos, our teaching methods and our philosophy, as well as their ability to demonstrate in trial lessons their subject knowledge and capability.  We assure ourselves that as potential new employees they will feel happy to integrate fully and embrace the Airthrie family.

We hope that staff will feel that they can work effectively in our environment, achieving results through a calm approach, using mainly quiet voices and by speaking to pupils individually about the progress of their work.  Another aim is to look constantly for ways to encourage pupils by focusing on the positives and giving praise and commendation as frequently as possible.  We hope to achieve an environment that is calm, hardworking and respectful but where children cooperate with all requests and disciplines without fear or anxiety.

It is a pleasure for our teachers to enjoy our pupils' varied personalities and talents with humour and verbal affection once new pupils understand the boundaries and learn to trust that we do really care about them as individuals.