Super Slimbridge Trip


Alder and Oak had a super trip out at Slimbridge Wetlands Centre. 

They had the opportunity to spot  some mallards, grey goose, tuffeted duck. 

They also participated in an otter talk and watched as Ha Ha the otter ducked in and out of the water. They witnessed the majestic flying of Percy the Pelican and watched as he ate some fish. They had the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about these animals.

Alder completed a pond dipping tour where they had the opportunity to investigate pond animals in their habitat and observe these creatures at different stages of their lifecycle. Oak had a workshop on what do birds eat and how? They found out about the various  adaptations of different birds. 

We throughly enjoyed our outing and are very grateful to Slimbridge Wetlands centre for providing such an exciting educational day out.