Cross Country Achievements


Mrs Southgate's Cross Country Running club have been competing in virtual competitions throughout the year. We have now received the results for the 1200m race and our pupils have some fantastic results. They all made such a great effort and were so determined. It would have been so fantastic to see them compete against other children from different schools. 


Y6 boys
Ben J 11th, 5.28,  
Benjamin M 12th  5.29
Tate 22nd 5.59

Out of 81 participants


Y6 girls
Megan 3rd  5.24
Eleanor 12th  5.52
Olivia 13th 5.53
Aurielle 18th

Out of 85 participants


Y5 girls 
Millie 4th 6.04 
Henrietta 5th 6.07

Out of 86 participants