Christmas Performances


Twelve Days of Lockdown:   

Bubble 4:  Years 5 and 6

This irreverent piece of fun was written and choreographed largely by the pupils – with a little guidance from the staff – who also contributed a great deal of time to rehearsals.   Thank you, Bubble 4, for raising our Christmas Spirit!  Now the whole school, even Year 1,  is walking round singing "Five Toi-let Rolls......"

The Night before Christmas 

Bubble 3:   Years 3 and 4

Adapted, Choreographed and rehearsed by Matt Medhurst and Chloe Allsop.

Ash and Beech Nativity  

Bubble 2:  Years 1 and 2

This performance was a Key Stage One team effort - Ellie Hodges, Biddy Wilshaw and Lisa Jackson - with signing taught by Marion Morris.  How on earth did these youngsters stay so focussed for nearly twenty minutes?

Year 6 Christmas  Readings

This is a  series of readings, written by pupils, telling us  "What Christmas means to me".

Individual Performances:

The following girls were taught by Stephen Parham-Connolly and gave lovely solo performances - so, in no particular order: