School's Back, September 3rd - Hurrah!


Stepping Stones to new Normality 2020-2021

Further to our announcement in June that, following a great deal of planning and re-organisation of space, we  welcomed back the remaining Year-groups for the last few weeks of the Summer term, this update details our arrangements for the new academic year.     New Risk assessments of the final arrangements have been carried out (link below).

Out-of-Hours contact for suspect Covid 19 symptoms:

Should your child or a family member display the symptoms of Covid 19 infection (a temperature of 37.8 or above, together with either a persistent dry cough and the loss of taste or smell) or test positive, the process is to email your child's class teacher (, with a copy to the Headteacher ( and to the Principal ( with your child's details. These email addresses are always monitored by smart phone and recipients know how to contact the various bubbles.  We then follow a process laid down by Govt / ISA.   

School Covid 19 Emergency Number: 07786620256

Attendance times - When and Where for each Year-group:

Due to the introduction of two main 'bubbles' these arrangements have been altered since July.  Please help us maintain safe circulation, by adhering to the allocated times given below.    (Note!  for parents with two children: when requested, we will try to accommodate parents dropping off/collecting pupils in different bubbles, to enable one arrival time.)

Year 6 (Oak): Entry/exit via front door of building No. 27 (Hillfield building)

Year 5 (Alder): Entry/exit via front door No. 27 (Hillfield building)

Year 4 (Larch): Entry/exit via front door No. 29 (main school building) 

Year 3 (Cedar): Entry/exit via front door of No. 29 (main school building) 

Year 2 (Beech): Entry/exit as normal via (brown) door to link corridor. 

Year 1 (Ash): Entry/exit via front door to No 29 (main school building) 

Reception (Willow): Entry/exit as normal via (brown) door to link corridor. 

Nursery (Acorn): Entry/exit via driveway and side gate (adjacent to the school kitchens).

*Early Book is available from 08.10 for pupils in Reception upwards and children in Acorn can go directly to their classroom. 

Full Risk Assessment including details for re-opening and personal protection.

CLC Health and Fitness Centre - Risk Assessment (included in the Airthrie risk assessment).