Hooray! Welcome back the first Four of our Year Groups.


Airthrie is thrilled to announce our plans to re-open school on Monday 1st June 2020, which in the first instance will be for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  At the heart of our re-opening is the desire to re-establish for pupils the regularity of daily school life whilst keeping everyone safe. 

Sara Jackson, Headteacher: “Despite remote teaching, we have dearly missed your children.  Our teachers deserve praise for their amazing efforts, not only for what they have done but what they will continue to do until this crisis is over”

Learning new methods of providing education has been very challenging for us all.  Our teachers have had to master a completely different way of delivering lessons.  All staff have been wonderfully supportive of each other and have worked excessively long and tiring hours, including weekends.  We are extremely grateful for their dedication, not least for providing support for the children of Critical Key Workers, (as we also are for the professional guidance for MS Teams, given by Leah Hampton, Serena Henry and Yvonne Costello).


   A continuity introduction to 'Teams' lessons, outlining afternoon assignments for Y6

Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman has backed the plans, saying there is a 'great deal of logic' in targeting younger children to return to the classroom.

All teachers are aware of the possible anxieties that returning children will be experiencing and will be offering as much reassurance as each child needs, in order to create as near a ‘normal’ classroom environment as possible.  Furthermore, teachers understand that social distancing with some children will be harder to maintain.  We will implement the measures as far as we are able, while ensuring children and staff are kept safe and well cared-for emotionally and physically.

 Controlling the spread of the virus will require us all to accept changes in our habits and routines and accept that it must be on the proviso that the 5 key tests set by Government, which will be confirmed on Friday 28 May.  To do this safely, we are assessing the risk, observing the Government’s latest guidance:


Our Risk Assessment not only identifies those risks that we will address in the preparations for 1 June but details our Protocol for re-opening and the use of the Personal Protective Equipment that has been purchased. (Inevitably, both of these are subject to change and improvement as we experience each day of pupils’ and staff return). 

Airthrie Risk Assessment - PDF  - including Detailed Plans for Re-opening  (3rd Revision 04.06.2020)

We can’t wait for the Government to extend the reopening to other year groups – fingers crossed, before the end of term.