Natural History Museum


Cedar enjoyed a fantastic school trip to the National History museum in Oxford.

They were amazed at the opportunity to walk amongst dinosaur skeletons, investigate gemstones, touch a real meteorite and look at a variety of stuffed birds and insects from around the world. Amongst their favourite things were the glow in the dark gemstones and the chance to purchase a little souvenir from the gift shop. Here are some of the reflections Cedar made after the visit;

Clara: ‘I really liked the Triceratops skull. I was surprised at how big it was.’

Sammy: ‘I loved stroking the cute and fluffy bears’

George: ‘The teeth of the T Rex were massive!’

Ralph: ‘The Megalodon tooth was the size of my hand!’

Toby: ‘I was so surprised at how big the block of Pyrite was.’

Morgan: ‘The live bugs were amazing, especially the tarantula!’

Struan: ‘It was exciting to see huge cockroaches crawling around.’

Phillip: ‘I loved the glow in the dark gemstones because of all the different colours.’

George Costello Hellerstein: ‘The emerald gemstones were my favourite’

Lewis: ‘I liked how the sign on the stuffed bear said please touch.’