Willow's Autumn Walk


On Tuesday 8th October Willow class went on an Autumn walk on the CLC field. We have been talking about Autumn and the seasonal changes it brings. The children enjoyed collecting leaves of different colours as well as searching for conkers and acorns! When we returned to school we used the leaves in our maths work, counting how many of each colour and comparing the sizes. We also explored weighing with the conkers.

Some quotes from the children:

“I liked running across the field and collecting the leaves and conkers” (Oliver)

“We ran to the biggest tree in the field” (Tamar)

“We picked up leaves because it was Autumn. My favourite leaves were the red ones” (Bethan)

“I got some brown leaves. I found a huge, huge, huge, massive leaf” (Harrison)

“The leaves were falling down because of the wind… it’s Autumn” (Georgia)