The new Airthrie Library


At the start of the year the fantastic new library opened!! Library Club and Class Reps have been helping to sort out the books, so a big thanks to them.

You can now borrow books but only if you return them within 27 days. There are fiction and non fiction books, both sorted perfectly! The fiction books are sorted into alphabetical order by author and the non fiction are colour coded by topic. 

Enjoy the new library!
By Ben, Alder Class

Library Review

During the summer holidays, the most amazing transformation took place… 
Mr Sayers, worked in secret changing the old staff room into a fantastic new school library. The exquisite creation he made with colourful decorations and rainbow seating is an inspiring place to be.

When I use the library my favourite seat is the long bench seat by the window. I like this seat because it’s very comfy. My favourite book is : Modern Day Transport I like this book because I like learning about Transport and how things work.

We, as school council are hoping that the wonderful books we are trying our best to put in the library will fill Airthrie minds full of wonderful facts and stories.

By William , Alder Class