The Great Forest Bake Off


''What we did in our forest meetings this morning were hedgehogs made of dough and raisins for the noses and eyes. 

How to make it:

So first we put some flour on our desks and then the teachers split the dough into bits and after we had all got a bit we mixed the flour and the dough together which made the dough a little stronger and drier. After we had done that we shaped the dough into a hedgehog shape  and then we were all given scissors to cut the dough to make their spikes. Then we made a little point for the nose and we got the raisins and put one  at the very point of its nose so it really looked like a hedgehogs nose. Then we got our other two raisins and put them above the nose. After 20/25 minutes for them to rise, we put them in the oven and cooked them for half an hour or a quarter of an hour. After they had cooked we found some bags and put them in the bags and took them home. ''

By Clara in Cedar class.