The 2019 Millward Project - Hydraulic Crane


For the 3rd year running Airthrie School were delighted to welcome back Mr Millward to present and participate in the annual DT Millward Project with the Year 6 children.  This took place over 2 mornings and 1 afternoon. 

Starting with a presentation, the Year 6 children discussed what engineering is all about, the definition of engineering - what an engineer does and the skills that are involved in the field of Science and Engineering.  During the presentation, some of the children had the opportunity for some “hands-on experience” as they learnt about states of matter, air pressure, water pressure and magnetism!

Linking into the Year 6 topic of Crime & Punishment the children were then set their challenge to build a remote-controlled hydraulic crane system that could reach across to pick up the stolen keys and transfer them to a waiting getaway car.

A prototype crane system was made by Mr Millward for the children to assess, understand and then reverse engineer.  The children made a series of sketches of how the overall system worked including its’ key functioning parts, took accurate measurements for all the individual parts including the positions of holes and made a list of parts.   The children were assessed throughout their project on their skills as engineers, communicators, team players, their demonstration of the Airthrie Values and obviously on their final crane.  

The DT Millward trophy was awarded to the winning team who were called “The Crazy Constructors”.  Congratulations to Albie, Amelie, Darcy and Dylan.

Our huge thanks go to Mr Millward for his time, materials, effort and enthusiasm which turned a tricky challenge into an achievable outcome for all involved.


Some quotes from the Year 6 children:

“It was so much fun, and it helped develop our engineering skills and our understanding of how things work like atmospheric pressure,” Annabel.

The Millward project was really fun, and it didn’t matter who you worked with because everyone was really helpful,” Darcy.

 “It was very fun and enjoyable, stressful at times, but it was a great learning experience and was a highlight of my Year 6 time so far,” Toby.

“I really enjoyed the DT project as it was challenging but fun at the same time.  I enjoyed working with the different materials and being trusted with a hot glue gun!  I was really happy with the outcome of our project,” Amelie.

“What I found most challenging was making the hydraulics work with the remote lever controls, and I did enjoy it, and I found it intriguing to figure out how to make it,” Dylan

 “I really enjoyed working as a team because we had to do everything together to get the crane assembled,” Josie

“It was challenging, and I enjoyed the problem solving to fix everything together and make it work,” Poppy.

“It was great to learn how the pieces worked together and making it all work and doing it all together,” Lilly.

 “It was a great opportunity to do the Millward project ‘cause we learnt about different types of engineering and we were given the task to make a hydraulic crane system,” Ellie.



Mrs Elliott

Year 6 Class Teacher

Art & DT Co-ordinator