Water Safety - Canal and River Trust


Airthrie was thrilled to welcome Doug and Anna from the Canal and River Trust, who came to talk to the pupils about water safety on Wednesday.

Their message was clear and effective  - STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE!

The children were given simple advice on how to stay safe near water and how to help people who may have fallen in.  For example, keep dogs on a short lead as they may get in the way of pedestrians and cyclists who then may wobble and fall in.  If they were ever to come across someone in the water, everyday object like empty water bottles can be skimmed across the water and the person in distress can tuck it under their chin to keep their mouth out of the water.  Alternatively, a piece of clothing can be passed  and used to pull the person back to the edge.   

All pupils should have brought home a fabulous Explorers booklet, filled with useful information and advice.