The Nature Detective


The Nature Detective day, at Westonbirt School.

On Tuesday 30th April, six pupils from Larch went in the school minibus to Westonbirt School.  We looked at with magnifying glasses, labelled then and learned about Pollination.   Pollination happens when a bee collects pollen from one plant then moves to another plant where some is transferred. 

We also learnt that bees see as if an ultraviolet light is shining over everything.  We used special plastic squares that were coloured to show how a bee sees.  The tour guide, Hannah, showed us a tree that smelt like Candyfloss and one that was so old, it had been there when the Dinosaurs were alive.


After lunch we went pond dipping in the Mercury Pond.  In the pond was an endangered Newt, so we couldn’t touch it but we caught a tadpole.  I really enjoyed the Nature Detective day at Westonbirt School.    Zoe Tudor, Year 4  Larch.