The Egg-drop Challenge



As a part of Easter Holiday homework, Year 5 were tasked with a ‘Dynamics’ challenge – to protect an egg from damage when dropped from varying heights. 

The challenge was to design a contraption which could be dropped from 2.5 metres, then 3.5 metres, without damaging the egg – both onto a hard surface.

The entrants were asked to consider ‘Air Resistance’ (and its use in slowing-down the object) its ‘Potential energy’ (the energy that an object has through its position – height) and its Kinetic energy (the form of energy that an object builds up by reason of its motion - the drop).

There were 15 entrants – but unfortunately 7 eggs broke on the first height drop.  Of the remaining 8 that went through to the higher drop 6 eggs survived undamaged!    These 6 were all equipped with some form of air resistance or parachute which slowed the protection device, reducing its Kinetic energy.   This demonstrated that those students who had used the tip ‘you may want to think about air resistance’ given by Mrs Whittaker, achieved the most successful designs.