Local Area Walk - Year 5


A small part of the detailed account written by Year 5 pupil, Kieran, with regard to our local area walk with Mrs Wright earlier this term  

First we went to the Lansdown Terrace which was made out of a golden limestone that was slowly crumbling away and had Doric pillars.  They were built for the retired workers of the East India Company who had lots of money.  In the sun the limestone shines golden which makes it look beautiful.  However, when we went around the back of the buildings there was just brick and it looked dirty and horrible.  Where there are now mews houses in the past they would have been stables to house the horses.  

Then we went to Lansdown Crescent which was built the wrong way round and they had Ionic pillars.  At Montpellier there were massive detached houses.  The stone was very detailed and some houses had statues outside and the pillars were Corinthian.  Then we went to the Rotunda which was a place where you could buy spa water which was pumped by one lady in a small canopy that was built because of the demand for the water.