Music Day


Written by Sofia, Year 6 Pupil

Josie, Arabella, Annabel and I went to the St Edward's Music Day on Friday 11 January.  Josie played on her saxophone, Arabella on her trombone, Annabel on her clarinet and I played the piano.  

The first thing we did was learn calypso beats.  We were put into groups with St Edward's music scholars and we created different types of beat with instruments.  Next we had to learn two calypso songs - Farewell Jamaica and Benjamin Calypso.  Also, we had an orchestra and pupils from different schools came to join in; there were violins, saxophones, flutes and trombones and we played two songs - Yellow Bird and Calypso Blue.   I played on the glockenspiel and I had to do a solo on the piano which was L'adieu, The Farewell.  

I think that this was a wonderful experience and hope to do it again.