January 2019 News

Squash Festival

Written by Grace, Josie and Georgina - Year 6 pupilsOak A pupils went to Cheltenham Ladies' College for a Squash Festival on Monday.  We were very lucky to be taught by some CLC girls and after the... Read more

Hockey at Cheltenham College

Due to the very cold weather and the frozen astro, yesterday our mixed hockey team went to Cheltenham College to practise our hockey skills and play friendly matches instead of a hockey fixture.  We... Read more

Science in Larch

Larch Class pupils have been learning about sound; in particular, vibration, pitch and volume.  Homework was set to design and make an instrument of their choice.  The results were impressive and... Read more

Celebration Assembly - 29 January

Sammy - for his amazing moon canvas picture and for giving a detailed explanation of his creation. Toby - Star of the Week for making excellent progress with his multiplication and division. Lydia -... Read more

Our Lego Vehicles

In Lego Club this week the challenge was to design, make and test a vehicle to see how far it would travel down a ramp.  Some fantastic design work and excellent results!  Well done, Gabriel, for... Read more

WANTED - Your Artwork...

To be entered into our Spring Term Art Gallery competition...let's get creative!   Have a go at making a piece of art in the style of one of the following artists and your work will be displayed on... Read more

Young Voices - Gold Standard - New Video added!

In the words of BBC Radio 2, Friday night is music night, and it certainly was for Airthrie's 27 young singers as we were part of a huge choir of 6639 children at Resorts World Birmingham for the... Read more

The Victorians

In History Club we are focusing on the Victorian times.  The children discovered how influential many Victorians were then and even now.  In particular, we explored Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas... Read more

Our Array City

In Mathematics, Beech Class pupils have been learning about multiplication by creating an 'Array City'.  They've linked repeated addition to multiplication and learning their 2, 5 and 10 times... Read more

We're walking on the moon

Beech Class are learning about space and the Apollo 11 mission in their Topic lesson.  The children had great fun imagining what it would be like to be an astronaut as they walked in 'moon boots' on... Read more

Music Day

Josie, Arabella, Annabel and I went to the St Edward's Music Day on Friday 11 January.  Josie played on her saxophone, Arabella on her trombone, Annabel on her clarinet and I played the piano.  The... Read more

Kielder Forest

The children were welcomed back to School after the Christmas holiday.  Following our assembly about developing our individual gifts and New Year resolutions the children wrote their aims on a tree... Read more

Thetford Trees

The children arrived at our Forest meeting this week with their interpretation of a tree.  Each pupil explained the reason they created their tree in a particular way.  A wide variety of media was... Read more

Netball v Hatherop

Two of our Netball teams travelled through the Gloucestershire countryside on Wednesday for matches against Hatherop.  The players from Hatherop were Year 6 pupils whilst our 7-a-side team was a mix... Read more

STEM - Plastic connecting shapes

In STEM Club this week we made our own cardboard versions of plastic connecting shapes.  The first challenge was to choose some shapes and cut them out of cardboard.  Slots were cut and the pieces... Read more

Lego - Hidden Treasure

In our first Lego Club the challenge was to design and build a structure with 'hidden treasure':  this could be in a hidden room, a secret compartment, or maybe even under a trap door.  The finished... Read more

Christmas Carol Service - DVD now available

As per Mrs Haines' email to all parents earlier this week, should you wish to order a copy of the Christmas Carol Service DVD (at a cost of £10) please respond directly to her email.  Some additional... Read more

Young Voices

Many thanks to Carys and her Father who have made our rather lovely Airthrie sign which will be displayed very proudly at Young Voices this... Read more

Dark Winter Nights

In Art Club we are exploring the colour, style and techniques used by Vincent Van Gogh, recreating a chosen dark, winter night painting. The children worked in a range of media - pencil for... Read more

Get Active

Yesterday, some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in an optional after-school activity.  This CLC Get Active initiative gave children the opportunity to experience a fabulous new climbing wall at... Read more

Traditional Tales

This term in Willow our Topic is 'Traditional Tales'.  After reading the story of The Gingerbread Man, the children acted out the tale.  Also, we enjoyed making and decorating our own gingerbread men... Read more

Kambia District Foundation

We have received a  lovely letter from Simon and Jen from the Kambia District Foundation, thanking us for our recent donation of money, Duplo and Lego.  They have informed us that the additional... Read more

Netball Skills

There was some excellent coaching from Cheltenham College sports' staff at the Netball Skills event last Saturday.  The 4 Year girls from Alder who attended were able to rotate around 12 bases to... Read more

Drama News

What a great start to Drama Club this year.   Last week's theme was 'new';  some had a new invention, others were going to new places and some new items were being purchased.  The children from Years... Read more

What is your favourite number?

During Art Club the children drew and cut out a template of their favourite number.  They placed it in an imaginative way, overlapping and rotating their number to flow across the page.  The children... Read more

Reminder - Junior Choir and Recorder Club

For those pupils who have signed up for Junior Choir, I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning at 08:15 prompt; and for our Recorder Club members, we will get together at 13:30.  Here's to... Read more

Celebration Assembly - 8 January

Welcome back, everyone!  At our first Celebration Assembly of the New Year this morning we celebrated James', Eliza's and Georgia's birthdays.   Also, Jess, Millie and Genevieve told us about their... Read more

School Council - Update 8 January

School Council have been developing their idea for a 'fun newsletter for kids' .  The plan is for a punchy, entertaining and informative style of termly publication.  School Council members will be... Read more

Nursery News

Through the use of our new Post Office corner in Nursery we are looking forward to exploring numbers, shapes and colours this half-term.  We're busy putting the finishing touches to our building... Read more

New Year Thought of the Week

What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New... Read more

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