Hockey and Rugby Skills Day 2018


"Being taught hockey for the whole day was a magical experience and it was such a pleasure to meet and make new friends from different schools",  Arabella (Year 6)  

"It was a really fun day of rugby.  We were taught some tricky skills but the coaches supported us so well.  I'm glad we played a game at the end to try out our new skills."  Will (Year 5)  

Monday's Hockey and Rugby Skills Day was a great opportunity for some of our Year 5 and 6 boys and girls.  

The girls were taught by some talented coaches; learning new skills and trying out different drills and techniques to develop their hockey skills.  

Meanwhile, the boys were coached in rugby; developing their passing, running and team-work skills.  

The boys then played tag rugby and the girls played hockey with pupils from other schools which gave them the chance, not only to play some brilliant sport and put their new skills into practice, but also to socialise and make new friends.  

Of course, the children represented Airthrie extremely well and made us feel very proud.