Jango, Ace and Holly the Police Dogs visit Airthrie


On 13 June we welcomed some very special visitors to Airthrie.  PD Ace, PD Jango, PD Holly and their handlers from Gloucestershire Constabulary came to visit Willow and Ash classes to bring to life their ‘People who Help’ topic.

Everyone was very excited to have the opportunity to try on a police jacket, helmet and protective vest.  One of the police officers showed us his taser gun and explained when and why it is used.  Amazingly, it takes just 13 weeks to train a police dog but then they have to undertake tests annually to make sure they’re still up to standard and capable of the work!  They are trained to understand many commands and often their favourite toy is used to assist with this.  

One of the police officers hid a contraband item in the classroom whilst everyone looked away.  PD Holly then came into the room and we all watched with anticipation to see if she’d find it.  She searched very thoroughly with her super sensitive nose (even climbing onto chairs!).  She quickly found the hidden item and, to signal to her handler that something had been found, she froze like a statue and then pointed her nose to the area where she had detected something.  We all thought this was exceptionally clever behaviour.  Sometimes, PD Holly works at Bristol Airport, checking the luggage on the carousel for any contraband items.

Then there was an opportunity for our young pupils to sit inside the police cars and we heard the very loud siren.  In the cars there was some interesting equipment such as a stinger (to stop a vehicle), a large and well equipped first aid kit, very large metal scissors/cutters, a battering ram and a ladder!

What an enjoyable day!