May 2018 News

'Springwatch' in the Airthrie Garden

A blue tit family is making excellent use of the wooden bird box in our garden.   There is plenty of work for the parents as there are so many mouths to feed, however, they all seem to be... Read more

History Club - Henry VIII

In History Club last week, with the Royal wedding fast approaching, we investigated an historical member of the Royal family who had married many times, namely, King Henry VIII. We began our session... Read more

Tiaras and Crowns

To celebrate the Royal Wedding last week, in the Airthrie Nursery we had lots of fun making tiaras and crowns for our party.  We listened to stories about weddings and it was very touching to see... Read more

Swim Gala - Key Stage 1

Yesterday morning we held our Fun Swimming Gala for Year 1 and 2 pupils at the Cheltenham Ladies' College pool.  The 2 width Championship Race was our first event and Charlotte was the winner... Read more

Smoothie Making in Year 5

Alder and Poplar children seized the opportunity to taste a smoothie during their French lesson last week.  Pupils have been studying a smoothie recipe with both the method and ingredients written in... Read more

Westonbirt Arboretum - Science Outing

Willow, Ash and Beech pupils have recently enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day at Westonbirt Arboretum as part of their Science learning.  This event consisted of activities including quizzes and... Read more

Cricket Report - 16 May

Last Wednesday Airthrie played Berkhampstead ‘B’ at cricket.  Berkhampstead won the toss and chose to bat.  They batted steadily despite accurate bowling from Enzo, Toby and Rudy; backed up by some... Read more

Rounders v Hatherop

In yesterday's warm sunshine our Year 5 and 6 Rounders Club pupils competed in our first friendly games against Hatherop.  There was tough competition for our U11 mixed team against a team who have... Read more

Literacy Outing to Pizza Express

Pizza Express welcomed our Year 2 pupils earlier this week and wearing chef's hats and aprons each child made a traditional Margherita pizza.  In Beech we are learning how to listen, remember and... Read more

Our Royal Wedding Garden Party

The wonderful weather on Friday certainly helped to make Airthrie's Royal Wedding Garden Party such a special event.  Thank you, parents, for baking such a beautiful selection of cakes, biscuits and... Read more

Celebration Assembly - 22 May 2018

Leaf point totals for last week were announced:  Dallington came top with 58; followed by Kielder with 54; thenThetford with 53 and Wentwood, 41. We joined together to sing Happy Birthday to Harriet... Read more

Making Madeleines

Ingrédients pour 4 personnes2 gros oeufs. 150g de sucre. 150g de farine. 125g beurre. 1 zeste de citron. ½ cuillère à café de levure chimique. A fun and extremely tasty French lesson for Year 6... Read more

Pentecost 'Party'

In RE lessons Year 4 pupils have been studying the importance of Pentecost for Christians.  In today's lesson, ahead of Pentecost Sunday, we held a Pentecost 'Party' where we shared some bread and... Read more

History Club - Hieroglyphics, Gods and Goddesses

This week, we explored further the topic of Ancient Egypt; focusing on hieroglyphics and gods and goddesses. Gods and goddesses played an enormous part in Ancient Egyptian society.  We discovered... Read more

Swimming Gala News

Last Wednesday we were welcomed by St Edward's pupils and staff to participate in a friendly Swimming Gala.   It was a terrific afternoon and all Airthrie swimmers exceeded performance expectations.... Read more

History Club - Mummies and Pyramids

We looked back to Ancient Egypt to investigate the medical knowledge at that time during a recent History Club session. We learnt that despite being over 3000 years before the Black Death in the... Read more

Celebration Assembly - 15 May 2018

Our congratulations to:Toby and Archie - who were awarded medals for playing rugby. Ralph - who was awarded the celebration crown for contributing and listening. George and Jake - for excellent... Read more

Are you brushing your teeth correctly?

Many thanks to Harry's mum, Mrs Clarke, who, with her Dental Hygienist's hat on, spent Friday morning at Airthrie advising the children on the most effective way to brush their teeth.  She brought... Read more

Celebration Assembly - 8 May 2018

There was a smaller gathering than usual for this morning's Celebration Assembly as many of our pupils were attending the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts at the Town Hall representing Airthrie... Read more

Junior and Senior Choirs compete at the Cheltenham Festival

Last week our Junior and Senior Choirs performed at The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts.  It was the first time Airthrie's Junior Choir has performed outside of School and what a tremendous... Read more

Thetford Meeting - 2 May 2018

Our brief...each group were asked to mime three animals whilst the other groups tried to identify and name the animals in French (as it was French in the World Day at Airthrie).   It was lovely to... Read more

Keilder Forest - Our 2 May Meeting

Bonjour!  At our first meeting since the Easter break it was lovely to see all the Kielder children back together for another Forest activity.  As yesterday was also Airthrie's 'French in the World... Read more

Our Autobiographies

Year 5 pupils have been recapping key events from their lives to date.  The children have created posters using an autobiographical style of writing and have presented their individual 'stories' to... Read more

History Club - Medicine in Medieval Britain

This week in History Club we investigated the topic of medicine and illness and, in particular, the Black Death.  We started by thinking about our current health system and what we do when we feel... Read more

French in the World Day

In spite of a challenging wet start, Airthrie pupils and staff embraced yesterday's language and culture festival with vibrantly coloured flags and outfits.  Each year group concentrated on a... Read more

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