Preparatory Schools' Indoor Netball Festival


This year Airthrie were able to take two teams to the U11 Preparatory Schools' Indoor Netball Festival held last Friday at Cheltenham College.

Each team played five friendly matches of eight minutes.  Airthrie's Team 1 played on Court 1 however, unfortunately, our first match was a loss to Cheltenham College (1).  In the next match the girls were beginning to warm-up and show their ability to play as a team and we beat Naunton Park (2) by one goal.  In the third game we beat Naunton Park (1) also by one goal.  In the fourth and fifth games we worked swiftly from centre pass to the goal circle and shooting was accurate beating Hopelands (1) by three goals and finally, Warden Hill (1) by four goals.

Airthrie's Team 2 played on Court 2 and also demonstrated their team playing skills.  In the first game we beat Hopelands (2) by one goal and in the second we won against Warden Hill (2) by two goals.  The third match was a draw against Naunton Park (2) and the fourth, against Cheltenham College (2), was another win for Airthrie by one goal.  In the final game we beat St James by two goals.

I am extremely proud of the thirteen Year 6 and one Year 5 girls who have been loyal to Netball Club and demonstrated their progress over the year during this friendly netball event - they gave such an excellent display of teamwork and determination and are a credit to our school.

Court 1 - Airthrie Team 1

Game 1:  Airthrie 2, Cheltenham College (1) 4
Game 2:  Airthrie 3, Naunton Park (2) 2
Game 3:  Airthrie 3, Naunton Park (1) 2
Game 4:  Airthrie 4, Hopelands 0
Game 5:  Airthrie 6, Warden Hill (1) 2

Court 2 - Airthrie Team 2

Game 1:  Airthrie 1, Hopelands (2) 0
Game 2:  Airthrie 2, Warden Hill (2) 0
Game 3:  Airthrie 1, Naunton Park (2) 1
Game 4:  Airthrie 1, Cheltenham College (2) 0
Game 5:  Airthrie 3, St James 1