Maths Challenge - Years 5 and 6


A small number of our Year 5 and 6 students were delighted to attend the Maths Challenge day held at Cheltenham College earlier this week.   Rory, Hayden, Arabella, Harry, Sienna, Charlotte, Lila Mae and Poppy took part in this exciting and challenging day and  the maths really was ‘fun’!  The children participated in a variety of challenges such as sprinting with the answer to a maths question to the marker in order to receive a question for their team mate.  

The Airthrie children competed with enthusiasm and zeal and had many maths achievements during this fantastic learning experience for all involved.

Rory (Year 5) writes:  When we arrived we did a practise round of 20 questions (which were apparently for Year 8 children) and after about 10 minutes we went into our first round of the challenge.  This was followed by a 'shuttle round' where the teams split into 2 pairs and one pair would answer a question and then the other pair would answer theirs - this went on for half an hour!  After the 'results so far' were announced we went for lunch.  The final round, called 'relay' involved a student from College joining each group.  We all enjoyed it and I hope I can do it again!