Wentwood Forest - 18 January 2017


Wentwood Forest came together in their new 'den' to enjoy the first Forest meeting of the New Year. We commenced with our Wentwood sign and motto and then proceedings began...

This term, Wentwood will support the Blue Cross Charity. Charlotte (Year 6 Treefect) has asked that our Forest support this worthwhile organisation. They support animals in difficulty, ie, illness, homelessness or neglect and Charlotte has a special connection as her pony came from the Blue Cross.

Money-raising ideas will be considered and decided upon in the near future and I am sure our Wenties will have great support from their parents, as always.

We then continued with congratulations to all on winning the Leaf Point Trophy last term. Although the children were encouraged to try hard again this term we only expect them to do their best.

Our fun time then began as Edward, Ella, Alessandra and Charlotte led their groups in a music-making performance with Miss Chidzoy playing the character of the Music Man.

How we all enjoyed and smiles were put upon everyones' faces. Huge thanks were issued to Lisa who always supports our meetings.