May 2016 News

Cheltenham Primary Schools' Swimming Gala 2016

Congratulations to Iona Killen-Fallon, one of our Year 5 pupils, who came second in the Girls' U11 Individual Freestyle Event at Cheltenham Primary Schools' Swimming Gala last Thursday. Very... Read more

Van Gogh and his Sunflowers

Over the course of the term, children in our three Art Clubs have been inspired by Van Gogh and his Sunflowers. They have experimented with a selection of media and developed their knowledge of... Read more

Cricket Results May 2016

12 May v St John's Airthrie won by 31 runs (Airthrie positive score 70, St John's positive score 39) 18 May v Beaudesert Park Airthrie won by 2 runs (Airthrie positive score 69, Beaudesert... Read more

Form Cedar visit CLC for a Science Morning

Pupils in Form Cedar were introduced to their new Science topic 'All about Plants' yesterday. The Vice Principal of Cheltenham Ladies' College (and Amelie's Father), Mr Dodds, very kindly... Read more

Tropical Rainforest Topic Work

This term's topic takes Form Cedar on a trip to the Earth's tropical regions. We have been mapping and locating tropical rainforests and then our beautifully bright artwork has brought this... Read more

Morris Men May Celebration

This morning the Forest groups enjoyed celebrating May Day...the children made tissue-paper flower garlands and were visited by Lassington Oak Morris Men. Despite the very wet weather the three... Read more

Dean Heritage Centre

Written by Charlie Watkins, Year 5 On Wednesday 4th May, Year 5 pupils went to Dean Heritage Centre. We saw some stuffed animals (wild boar, deer and badgers) and learnt that children used to... Read more

Self-Portraits 2016

At the start of this term, Year 4 children have enjoyed looking at, and discussing, a variety of portraits of famous and not so famous people. They have then studied the shape, position,... Read more

WWII Propaganda Posters

Linking in with their Topic work, the Year 6 pupils have enjoyed re-creating their individually striking WWII propaganda posters that clearly deliver the intended meaning through bold colours,... Read more

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