Year 6 Outing to The Cheltenham Literature Festival


First we went to a drama workshop about William Shakespeare. The first thing we did was a warm-up with our faces and bodies. Then we were given a sheet of paper with three columns of Shakespearean insults and we had to put three words together (one from each column) and shout it out as an insult!

Then we pretended we were alone and when the lady shouted a number we had to get into a group of that many people but we could hide one or two people in the middle of the circle. After this we had three objects to make using our bodies and we then had to act a scene in a witch's lair and at the same time recite a poem (it was great fun!).

The Animal Science talk followed with a lady called Nicola Davies. She talked about poop(!) and how DNA can be identified from it. She talked about bats, whales, lions, leopards, goats and rabbits and at the end we could ask lots of questions (it was all very interesting).

By Emma M and Laura B