Language Day


Airthrie had a distinctly foreign feel as children arrived in School today dressed to reflect the outfits or colours of other European nations: Italy, France, Corsica, Greece and Switzerland were all represented.

Each Form embraced the culture, language and food of their chosen country by taking part in different activities: Forms Oak W and H rolled and baked their own croissants; and Form Ash made French number books for the younger pupils in Reception, painted the French flag and enjoyed a little bit of pointillism!

Morning snack had a French flavour with the pupils enjoying pain au chocolat with a glass of sirop de grenadine.

There were special visitors who came to teach some Chinese; Mrs Dessalles spent time in Form Beech to lead "body" games; and we were delighted to have a young French boy, Raphael, join Forms Ash and Willow in their lessons.

Due to the very heavy rain at lunchtime the International Quiz planned in the garden for Years 5 and 6 will now take place next week.