Kielder Forest Meeting - 30 September 2014


We started the meeting sharing our thoughts about Autumn - what it means to us and the changes in the environment that we may see around us. The children shared their thoughts before our leaf identification quiz.

We then had a look at some images of leaf skeletons and discussed the shapes and lines of the veins that run through different types of leaves. The children were given a 'leaf' to scratch away the surface to create a pattern of veins. Some marvellous leaves were created and the children were able to take these home to use as bookmarks or fridge magnets.

There was then a suggestion from some Kielder members that it's time for a new Kielder Forest song - all have a think about this and bring your ideas along to our next meeting on Tuesday 14 October.

Also, please keep an eye of the board outside the School Office as I intend to put some photographs from our meetings on the Kielder noticeboard.

And finally, don't forget you can wear your Kielder t-shirts over your uniform on meeting days.