Kielder Forest Meeting 21 October


As always, I was delighted to welcome the Kielder Forest children to our meeting this week. Following a request at our previous meeting we quickly made a start updating our Kielder Forest song. We recruited the help of Mrs Hogarth who commenced the re-writing activity with an upbeat version of our current song! The children were subsequently inspired by Mrs Hogarth through a Kielder brainstorming and strength-of- beat activity.

Following this we worked in groups to try to come up with four lines per group. It was an impressive start and is very much work in progress. We will return to this activity next term when the groups will complete, tweak and then perform their final song. All Kielder members will then get the opportunity to vote for their favourite song which will become the new Kielder Anthem.

Keep your eyes and ears posted for a further update over the coming months. The meeting concluded with a HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs Hogarth.

My very best wishes to you all for a relaxing autumn break.