January 2014 News

An amusing anecdote ......

During this wet and stormy Friday I had a lovely email from someone whose three children have long since left Airthrie but who had just heard the news of the death of our much missed school cat,... Read more

'Only Rain Down the Drain'

We were delighted to welcome Jo Worthy-Jones from The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to meet with Thetford and Dallington Forest members at our meeting this week. Fascinating facts we now... Read more

Year 6 'Pop In' to Willow

Pupils in Willow were delighted by the impromptu visit of some Year 6 pupils who 'just wanted to come into Reception for a play' with our smaller... Read more

Lily's Science Project

I wanted to give a special commendation to Lily Beardshaw, Form Cedar, for the exceptional project she has produced. As a homework task the Year 3 children were asked to investigate... Read more

Really 'Cool' Science Lesson

Do you know how to create a home-made ice-cream maker? Pupils in Year 5 do now as they have been studying 'Changing State' as part of their Chemistry topic. Take one plastic bag and... Read more

Doing Something for Others

Each year two of our pupils, Barney and Daisy, include 'doing something for other people' in their New Year resolutions. This year the brother and sister wanted to do something to help the plight... Read more

Kielder Meeting - 28 January

The meeting started with a welcome and a HUGE thank you to the members of Kielder Forest for the £54.90 collected in pennies (and other denominations) in your Smartie tubes. Great work! ... Read more

Wentwood Meeting - 28 January

Our meeting opened with a happy greeting...Treefects ably directed younger Wenties into groups for our short practice (the only one to be had!) for our FOREST ASSEMBLY in March. ... Read more

Multi Media Marvels

Pupils in Form Beech have been learning about different materials in Science lessons this term. We have then linked this subject to our Art sessions with some super results. We have really... Read more

Flying High!

Georgia, Tillie and Molly's Lego dragon built at lunchtime today 'So that they could all... Read more

First Tournament for Aithrie Under 9s!!

No, it wasn't cancelled!! The Airthrie Under 9 mixed Hockey Team played their first ever Tournament in the rain and hail on Sunday afternoon. They were taking part in the Gloucestershire Clubs'... Read more

Waddling in Willow

Our Reception pupils in Form Willow have been learning all about penguins this term and have enjoyed joining in with a new action rhyme (sung to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot). I'm a... Read more

Science - Endangered Species

In Year 4 Science lessons our pupils have been learning about endangered species and as a homework project were tasked with researching an endangered animal of their choice. The... Read more

Promising Poets

Pupils in Form Larch have been exploring poetry this term and have produced some super work of which I am very proud. We were delighted when Alex Rees received a commendation from Mrs.... Read more

Awesome...Amazing...So Good...!

The matinee performance of Tom's Midnight Garden at The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham yesterday had our undivided attention right from curtain-up. The music and the quality of the acting was... Read more

Open the Book - the Story of Noah

The Open the Book Team from Christ Church came to present the story of Noah to Key Stage 1 and Year 3 pupils. Form Cedar proved to be enthusiastic actors and prop holders whilst the younger... Read more

Swimming Champion!

Cheltenham Swimming Club U10 Annual Club Championships: we are delighted to report that Will came first in ALL of his races (which were plentiful!): 50m butterfly, 50m front crawl, 50m breast... Read more

GHA Hockey Tournament

On Sunday 19th January our boys' Under 10 team took part in the Gloucestershire Hockey Association's Tournament at Cheltenham College.They had a very busy and enjoyable afternoon and, at the end of... Read more

Young Voices

We had heard how good it was but none of us fully understood just HOW GOOD. Birmingham Young Voices was an amazing opportunity for the pupils to have an extraordinary experience that they are... Read more

Thetford Forest Update

We were delighted to welcome new member, Sophie, to our Forest. We spoke about the money raised at last term's cake sale which will be presented to a visiting speaker from The Wildlife... Read more

Caught at Play - 1pm!

A spontaneous game between Years 6, 5 and 4. They were having such a lovely... Read more

Visitor from The King's School

On Monday this week Mr McNaughton, Headmaster of The King's School, Gloucester was our visiting speaker in Prayers. He gave a very interesting talk encouraging the pupils to be... Read more

Exploring Colour Mixing and Colour Combinations

Pupils in Art Club and Form Larch have enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing and seeing how different colours work together in the style of the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. They... Read more

Extra-Curricular Achievements

We are always delighted to celebrate our pupils' extra-curricular achievements. Please feel free to inform Mrs Wilson in the School Office if your child has received an award. Thank you. ... Read more

Larchie comes to Wentwood

A warm welcome to darling Larchie, our boy puppy to be trained as a guide-dog to aid a blind person. We named him after the huge amount of larch trees in Wentwood Forest - research... Read more

Kielder Forest - Smartie Tubes

Please see reminder from Mrs... Read more

LAMDA Brilliance!

After their medalist success at the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, Charlotte Adshead-Curnock (Form Cedar) and Hattie Watkins (Form Spruce) wished to continue to promote themselves in... Read more

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Cowling

Miss O'Dwyer had a very, very special Christmas this year. On Saturday 21 December she married Mr Dan Cowling at St Bridget's Church, Temple Braden, Limerick. After spending a couple of days at... Read more

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