Key Stage 1 (age 5-7)

In Years 1 and 2, we aim to develop secure foundations in all curriculum subjects.  Key Stage 1 is a time when good learning habits are developed, a love of learning is nurtured and children begin to recognise their strengths and weaknesses.  At Dean Close Airthrie, we aim to provide a lively environment and rich programme of teaching where children start to take responsibility for their own learning. 

Classes are small with a high teacher to pupil ratio.  In addition to the core learning of English, Maths and Science the children also experience a wide range of subjects, often as part of a cross-curricular topic, including:  History, Geography, Computing, French, RE, PSHE,  Drama, Swimming and Sport.  

Topic subjects 

Autumn Term
Year 1 - Ourselves; Our Homes
Year 2 - The Great Fire of London; Comparing Maps of London; Plague; Great Fire; Wren; Guy Fawkes; World Religions; Naming Continents and Oceans; Origins of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism

Spring Term
Year 1 - Our Toys/Pastimes
Year 2 - Out of this World (Space); Significant Historical Events and Lives; Nightingale; Seacole; United Kingdom; Compass Skills; Life and Events in the 1900s; Historical Lives

Summer Term
Year 1 - Our Local Environment; Looking after our Local Environment
Year 2 - Mad Scientists on Safari; Comparing UK and non-European area; Secret Garden (plants); Weather; Human Geography; Significant Historical Events

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