Tennis club is not running this term.

Children are so receptive to many learning experiences especially when it comes to learning new sports, such as tennis.  Of course, no two children are the same, however, the great thing about tennis is that it can be adapted to suit any child.  

With mini-tennis, for example, using smaller courts, racquets and nets, as well as lower bouncing balls, you have a great way to introduce children to the game.  Before too long, they will be playing and having fun, at the same time as developing their agility, balance and coordination, and hopefully will have caught the tennis bug, developing a sporting habit that will stay with them for life. 

At Tennis Club children will be split into groups so for those more experienced at the game they will be able to play matches, as well as practise and develop their existing skills.

Each session includes a  warm-up, agility exercises, a balance and coordination skill, a main theme and eventually a game.  Main themes will include forehand, backhand, volley and serve.

Pupils should bring their own tennis racquet to the sessions if they have one please.



Well Place Tennis Courts



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