Setting weekly challenges using Lego to design and fulfil a brief.  We aim to encourage pupils to think carefully about their plan and to evaluate their creations.


Friday 15:45 - 16:45



£25.00 / term


Miss Chloe Allsop
Class Teacher, PE Co-ordinator
Mrs Claire Beck
Marketing / Website
Mrs Fiona Beck
Visiting Music Teacher
Mrs Tuti Bromwich
Mrs Clare Brooks
Class Teacher
Mrs Kay Canavan
Ms Rachel Candlin
Latin Teacher
Ms Domina Carter
Visiting Music Teacher
Mrs Nickie Clarke
Visiting Music Teacher
Mrs Karen Cotton-Betteridge
Mrs Miriam Cowling
Class Teacher
Mrs Kirsten Cuffe
Head of Early Years
Mrs Jane Dale
MFL Teacher
Mrs Anna Dunlea
Marketing and Administration Assistant
Mrs Judy Edwards
Mrs Jackie Gilder
Mrs Anna-Lisa Goddard
Supply Teacher
Mrs Claire Haines
Mrs Lisa Hamblin
Miss Leah Hampton
Marketing and Administration Assistant
Mrs Emily Harris
Marketing Director - DCF
Mrs Helen Hatton
Visiting Music Teacher and Early Years Curriculum Music
Mrs Tracy Hodge
Mrs Ellie Hodges
Class Teacher
Ms Lisa Jackson
School Assistant and Swimming Coach
Mrs Sara Jackson
Mrs Jane Jamieson
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sally Jones
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Kimber
Teaching Assistant
Mr Matthew Medhurst
Class Teacher, Pastoral Lead and Performing Arts' Co-ordinator
Miss Marion Morris
Class Teacher
Mrs Sharon Morrissey
Mrs Joy Nelson
Finance and Human Resources Manager
Mr Stephen Parham-Connolly
Head of Music
Mrs Lesley Phillips
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Betty Phillips
Mrs Donna Powell
Specific Learning Difficulties
Mr Jeremy Sayers
Groundsman / Facilities Manager
Mrs Deborah Southgate
Science, Mathematics and Sport Teacher
Mr Neil Southgate
Visiting Music Teacher
Mrs Beth Sullivan
Mr Mike Sullivan
Mr/Mrs XView Support
XView Admin
Mrs Hazel Szczepanski
Early Years Teacher
Mrs Sophie Taylor
Class Teacher
Mrs Julie Thomas
Visiting Music Teacher
Mrs Louise Treloar
Uniform Sales / Catering Assistant
Miss Fiona Walker
Nursery Teacher
Mr Ken Watkins
Mr Airthrie Website
Mr Scott Whitefoot
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Amy Whittaker
Class Teacher
Mrs Biddy Wilshaw
Class Teacher
Mr Fin Winstanley
Teaching Assistant

Recent Lego/Construction News

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In Lego Club this week the challenge was to design, make and test a vehicle to see how far it would travel down a ramp.  Some fantastic design work and excellent results!  Well done, Gabriel, for... Read more

Lego - Hidden Treasure

In our first Lego Club the challenge was to design and build a structure with 'hidden treasure':  this could be in a hidden room, a secret compartment, or maybe even under a trap door.  The finished... Read more