Setting weekly challenges using Lego to design and fulfil a brief.  We aim to encourage pupils to think carefully about their plan and to evaluate their creations.


Friday 15:45 - 16:45(Years 1 & 2)



£25.00 / term

Recent Lego/Construction News

Let's get creative with Lego club

Lego club have been getting super creative in their first couple of weeks. Last week the pupils made boats and tested them out for real on... Read more

Our Lego Vehicles

In Lego Club this week the challenge was to design, make and test a vehicle to see how far it would travel down a ramp.  Some fantastic design work and excellent results!  Well done, Gabriel, for... Read more

Lego - Hidden Treasure

In our first Lego Club the challenge was to design and build a structure with 'hidden treasure':  this could be in a hidden room, a secret compartment, or maybe even under a trap door.  The finished... Read more