Junior Master-chef

The first Airthrie Cookery Club started this term.  The club was immediately over-subscribed for the first term so the oldest year 6 pupils were elected to be the first participants.  It has been welcomed with great excitement. 

Club members have successfully made Tiramisu, Guacamole and Fruit crumble.  Next half-term's recipes include:  Drop Scones,  Chocolate Refrigerator Cake (and many more, to be announced).  Pupils learn the underlying science of cooking and the principles of safe food preparation, including planning, careful use of knives and equipment.  

Additionally, pupils are always encouraged to be adventurous and to modify flavours through tasting and the addition of unusual ingredients.  Following a successful course, pupils are awarded a Certificate of Competence.


Monday 15:45 - 16:45(Weekly)


Science Room


£25.00 / term