Fun, visual and interactive sessions covering the Romans, Henry VIII, The Victorians, WWI, WWII and much, much more!


Thursday 15:45 - 16:45(Years 3-6)



Recent History News

Anderson Shelters

In the last History Club of term we joined forces with Construction Club to complete our study of the impact of WWII on the home front. We looked at the Anderson shelter and learnt that... Read more

Rationing - History Club

We continued with the WWII theme in History Club last week as we investigated rationing.  Watching videos about the rationing of food, clothing and other items gave us lots to think about.  Before... Read more

History Club - Exploring Evacuation

Last week in History Club we investigated the evacuation of children during WWII.  We began the session by watching a BBC video about a woman called Betty who, during the war, was a young child... Read more

Spitfire Goggles in History Club

During History Club last week we had an extremely interesting artefact to examine...original Spitfire pilot goggles! We began by discussing the goggles in detail;  the time period  from which they... Read more

History Club - Ancient China and the Terracotta Army

As requested by the pupils, at History Club before half-term we investigated Ancient China and focused on Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of a unified China.  We learned that he was responsible for... Read more

New History Club

Finishing off our Roman topic in History Club last week we looked at Roman food and made mind maps comparing typical food found at a modern day banquet with that consumed at the height of the Roman... Read more