Fun, visual and interactive sessions covering the Romans, Henry VIII, The Victorians, WWI, WWII and much, much more!


Thursday 15:45 - 16:45(Years 3-6)



Recent History News

The Vikings

Our latest History Club investigation concerned the Vikings who came to Britain from Denmark, Norway and Sweden in AD 793. We discovered that the term ‘Viking’ originates from a language called Old... Read more

History Club - Anglo-Saxons

At our most recent History Club a couple of week ago we investigated Anglo-Saxons (they came to Britain from north Germany, Denmark and northern Holland). The Anglo-Saxons travelled to Britain in... Read more

History Club - Henry VIII

In History Club last week, with the Royal wedding fast approaching, we investigated an historical member of the Royal family who had married many times, namely, King Henry VIII. We began our session... Read more

History Club - Hieroglyphics, Gods and Goddesses

This week, we explored further the topic of Ancient Egypt; focusing on hieroglyphics and gods and goddesses. Gods and goddesses played an enormous part in Ancient Egyptian society.  We discovered... Read more

History Club - Mummies and Pyramids

We looked back to Ancient Egypt to investigate the medical knowledge at that time during a recent History Club session. We learnt that despite being over 3000 years before the Black Death in the... Read more

History Club - Medicine in Medieval Britain

This week in History Club we investigated the topic of medicine and illness and, in particular, the Black Death.  We started by thinking about our current health system and what we do when we feel... Read more

History Club - Medieval Britain

This term we are delighted to welcome some new members to History Club and at our first session we investigated medieval Britain and heraldry. In medieval times, heraldry was invented as a way to... Read more

Anderson Shelters

In the last History Club of term we joined forces with Construction Club to complete our study of the impact of WWII on the home front. We looked at the Anderson shelter and learnt that... Read more

Rationing - History Club

We continued with the WWII theme in History Club last week as we investigated rationing.  Watching videos about the rationing of food, clothing and other items gave us lots to think about.  Before... Read more

History Club - Exploring Evacuation

Last week in History Club we investigated the evacuation of children during WWII.  We began the session by watching a BBC video about a woman called Betty who, during the war, was a young child... Read more