Chess Club temporarily suspended

As new clubs have been introduced for the Summer Term,  Chess Club has been suspended. 

Chess Club provides an opportunity for students to share chess knowledge and tips, develop new chess strategies and gain confidence and satisfaction in tutoring and playing other chess players.

Children compete against each other in a friendly team atmosphere.  Chess games are discussed giving players an opportunity to identify 'good moves' by their opponents and a chance to plan what they would do differently in their next game.   Each game is seen as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Chess achievements are marked and players support each other in developing new skills.

Students enjoy chess challenges and benefit from developing lateral thinking and problem solving skills in a fun atmosphere.  New members are always welcome as it is an opportunity for current players to exhibit their chess knowledge and skills while team playing.

We look forward to a very busy and exciting Chess Club this year.


Science Room


£50.00 / term