At the Airthrie School Art Clubs we encourage children to be creative, develop their own ideas, have fun exploring different materials and techniques and produce individual pieces of Art.  We hope to:

Personal creativity is key and each child works at their own level and on their own project.  The children will interpret art in their own way!  Over a few weeks they will create a piece of art that will be displayed in school initially and then taken home.

All materials will be provided unless there is something specific that they wish to bring in from home to develop their own ideas.

If you have any queries about Art Club please contact the School Office and leave a message for Mrs Sue Elliott.

Tuesday sessions - Mrs Sue Elliott 

Wednesday sessions - Mrs Sue Elliott, Mrs Louise Kimber and Ms Lisa Jackson 


Tuesday 15:45 - 16:45(Y1-6)
Wednesday 15:45 - 16:45(Y1-6)




£50.00 / term

Recent Art News

Autumn with Vincent Van Gogh

Les Alyscamps was the inspiration for another Art Club session.  A range of media was used including pencil for composition layout followed by paint and oil pastels for layering and texture.The... Read more

Let's Go Wild

The Art Club children took their time recreating the other half of a wild animal's portrait.  They looked closely at pattern, composition, detail and texture for each of their chosen animals.They... Read more

Fantasy Castles and Optical Illusions

This term children in Art Club have experimented with different media to create some intricate and fantastical castles.  They have developed their brush strokes, blending of media and paid close... Read more

ISA Regional Art Competition 2017

We are delighted to have entered some of our pupils' artwork into the ISA Regional Art Competition which is taking place at the Chase Grammar School, Cannock. The judging will take place... Read more

Dinosaurs and Sunsets in Art

Our Year 3 children enjoyed working with watercolours to create a sunset - developing their brush control, colour mixing and blending. They learnt about foreground, middle ground and background... Read more

Rainforest Birds by Year 3

The Year 3 pupils enjoyed re-creating the vibrancy of the bird-life found in a rainforest setting. They studied the composition and colour seen in the paintings by Gloria Clifford and Oenone... Read more

Claude Monet - Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies

Our Year 3 pupils enjoyed experimenting with different media and a layering of media technique to re-create a painting by Claude Monet. They demonstrated improving watercolour mixing skills,... Read more

Whiter than White!

This term, Art Club children have been creating simple, crisp and textured collages of objects, animals, insects, etc that they relate to Spring time. After a quick sketch the children cut,... Read more

Art Club - Spring Term 2017

During Art Club the children have explored the shapes and colours that were depicted in one of Keith Haring's painting. They created their 'men' in their own favourite positions by cutting... Read more

Rocket Art inspired by the Artist, Peter Thorpe

Inspired by the space artist, Peter Thorpe, the Year 2 children have created their own rocket art. Using simple, clear shapes and bold colours, they have developed their painting skills in... Read more