Year 2

Whilst following the curriculum of Key Stage 1 pupils in Beech are taught to become more independent thinkers and by the end of the year they are well prepared to move on to our Junior Department.  Lessons are extended, most teaching is activity based and creative minds are still very much encouraged to thrive through weekly art lessons.

We recognise that social skills and development continue to be very important at this young age and individual personalities are maintained through outdoor play alongside a timetable offering a variety of sport, drama and music.  

We enjoy outings to the Holst Birthplace Museum and local farms as well as welcoming visitors from Gloucestershire's Fire and Rescue Service.

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Recent Beech News

Space Studies in Beech

Last week in Year 2 we studied space and enjoyed creating a space timeline.  The children then used various craft materials to design their own rockets.  Some were longer than others...Well done,... Read more

Playscripts in Beech

This week pupils in Beech have been learning how to write a playscript.  They extended their learning by re-enacting various character roles using the storyline of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. ... Read more

Holst Museum - Year 2 Outing

Last week, as part of their topic on the Victorians, Year 2 pupils enjoyed an outing to the Holst Museum in Cheltenham. There was so much for the children to experience including... Read more


Forms Beech and Holly had a visitor from Tesco to talk to us about Diwali earlier today. We enjoyed listening to Anagha, Helena, Cillian, and Ben J read us the story of Rama and Sita. ... Read more

Exploring Colour Mixing and Colour Combinations in Year 2 Art

The Year 2 children have enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing and seeing how different colours work together in the style of the Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky. They demonstrated... Read more

Airthrie's Hare Takes in the Air

Bertie, our School hare, enjoyed a walk around the Airthrie garden earlier this week with two of our Year 2 boys, Ben and William. A lovely time was had by... Read more

Van Gogh - Sunflowers

Pupils in Form Beech (Year 2) enjoyed creating their own sunflower masterpieces without using a paintbrush! They focussed on lines, shapes and textures using lollipop sticks, glue spreaders and... Read more

Measuring Skills

Pupils in Year 2 have been learning about grams and kilograms and last week the children put this knowledge to very good use to make some delicious chocolate blondies. (We believe that some may... Read more

Stained Glass Windows

Pupils in Form Beech (Year 2) have enjoyed exploring the impact of stained glass windows; experimenting with bold colours and shapes. They then designed their own Christmas windows;... Read more

The Great Fire of London

During their recent Art lessons, Form Beech discussed the architecture of Tudor homes found in London in 1666 and then experimented with pencil and charcoal in their sketch books; they then... Read more