Year 5

The Penultimate Year

Students are presented with new and exciting learning opportunities and responsibilities upon entering Year 5.  High expectations are set and children strive to achieve these.  They flourish as they accomplish personal targets and set an example for younger students.  Each child is recognised as being unique and individual.  Students take the time to get to know themselves a little better and identify their personal learning styles.

Academic development and personal development go hand in hand in Alder.  Every effort is made to cater for all learning styles.  Children follow a mastery based Mathematics scheme of work in which the National Curriculum topics are taught in blocks.  This allows students time to achieve fluency in each topic and move on to mastery.  Extension material is also available to provide an extra challenge for some learners. 

Regular assessment and Mathematics reviews ensure the children have secured areas covered and highlight any areas that need further consolidation.  The Read Write Inc literacy scheme ensures immersive and imaginative opportunities for learning.  Spelling, grammar and comprehension are taught in separate lessons.  Outings to the Cheltenham Literature Festival and participation in literacy and Mathematics competitions boost interest and motivation within the class. 

Alder enjoy many history based local area walks during the Local Area topic.  They also visit The Dean Heritage Centre to compare town to country within the locality - and the main feature of the year is, without doubt, the week-long biennial language visit to France.

The ever strong Airthrie Sports tradition is continued in Year 5.  Children showcase their sporting achievements on sports day and cause a splash at the swimming gala.  An extensive range of after-school clubs allows pupils to enhance their talents and interests.

All homework and academic subjects are carefully differentiated according to ability.  Curriculum outlines and homework plans are sent home each term to ensure pupils know exactly what to expect and involve parents in their child’s learning.  Students are given the opportunity to prepare for academic topics each term through holiday activities.  These activities keep the children up to date with their learning and allow them to build interest and confidence in starting each new topic. 

Every effort is made to link subjects throughout the curriculum so children encounter a common theme.  Learning is fun and exciting and children take responsibility for their own learning.  They also work as a team and support each other as they journey through Year 5 together.   Children thrive in the satisfaction and personal growth that the challenges of an engaging Year 5 curriculum brings.  


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