Comments from Parents and Pupils

"I am so pleased that we found Airthrie. Millie has thrived in her extended family at School - thank you."

"Thank you for another wonderful year where my girls have both had a lovely time and grown enormously."

"Thank you so much for running Airthrie. I have enjoyed coming to School so much."

"What a special school you've helped to create. I am so pleased we moved our girls here. There is something about the school that engenders a sense of safety and warmth, that lets children enjoy being children but also encourages them to grow, explore and develop."

"Airthrie is truly a special place."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful year. Joining Airthrie was the the best move we could have made."

"Thank you for being the Principal. You've made my 7 years at Airthrie all that brighter."

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me - I really appreciate it. I have loved my time at Airthrie. I have had some amazing teachers and amazing new experiences. I am so glad I came here and I will really miss coming in every morning."

"Thank you for supporting me through the years."

"Thank you, as always, for your wonderful School and our two very happy boys."

"I have just completed my first set of (Cheltenham) College exams and I want to thank Mrs Hart for all the robust, challenging work she set me in Year 6 Maths. If I had not had a teacher who had expected me to think independently and outside of the box, I feel confident in saying that I would not have been able to have work at the rate that College is expecting from me. The confidence you have given me in this skill has allowed me to actually enjoy the challenge, not be scared by it."

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