All School policies are reviewed annually and, therefore, currently, some are being updated.  

Please find below downloadable copies of our policies.  

Please telephone the Administration Staff on 01242 512837 or email:  admin.office@airthrie-school.co.uk if you have any questions regarding these documents or if you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the policies listed below or any other School policy.

An agreement governing the use of the internet whilst in School will be sent as a part of your welcome pack.  A signed copy should be returned to the Administration Department.

File Downloads

Acceptable Use Policy Staff Jan 2020 (PDF - 0.16 MB)
Road Safety Policy February 2020 (PDF - 0.11 MB)
How we manage Road Safety
Able Gifted and Talented Policy Jan 2020 (PDF - 0.33 MB)
Accessibility Plan 2019-2022 (PDF - 0.11 MB)
Admissions Policy Jan 2020 (PDF - 0.15 MB)
Allergic Reactions Policy (& Guidance) October 2019 (PDF - 0.13 MB)
The policy for prevention (and guidance for treatment) of Allergic Reaction
Anti-bullying Policy - Dec 2019 (PDF - 0.59 MB)
Bullying is not tolerated at Airthrie
Attendance Policy Jan 2020 (PDF - 0.35 MB)
Behaviour Policy - Dec 2019 (PDF - 0.20 MB)
Complaints Policy & Procedure, October 2019 (PDF - 0.18 MB)
Airthrie's Complaints Policy & Procedure
Curriculum Policy October 2019 (PDF - 0.13 MB)
Data Protection Policy June 2019 (PDF - 0.15 MB)
How the school processes and stores sensitive personal Data
English as an Additional Language Policy including EYFS May 2019 (PDF - 0.09 MB)
How we help pupils for whom English is not their first language
Equal Opportunities Policy (including EYFS) May 2019 (PDF - 0.12 MB)
Defining every individual's equal access to an education
EYFS Policy April 2020 (PDF - 0.18 MB)
Fire Policy - April 2019 (PDF - 0.14 MB)
The principles of Fire prevention and evacuation
Fire Policy 2019-2020 (PDF - 0.14 MB)
First Aid and Accident Policy - April 2019 (PDF - 0.20 MB)
Including the Administration of Medicines
Healthy Eating Policy May 2019 (PDF - 0.12 MB)
Our guide to correct eating practices to promote good long-term health.
Homework Policy Jan 2020.pdf (PDF - 0.14 MB)
Marking and Feedback Guide for Parents (PDF - 0.62 MB)
A Parental guide to explain the many terms and acronyms used within the Marking process
Marking and Feedback Policy March 2020 (PDF - 0.25 MB)
including the Feedback of Academic Improvement - published on the ISI portal.
Missing Child Policy including EYFS May 2019 (PDF - 0.11 MB)
Risk Assessment Policy May 2019 (PDF - 0.14 MB)
Airthrie's principles for conducting assessments of risk throughout the School
RSE Policy January 2020 (PDF - 0.26 MB)
Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy October 2019 (PDF - 0.68 MB)
Airthrie's policy for the Safeguarding and Protection of pupils
Safer Recruitment Policy and Checklist May 2019 (PDF - 0.21 MB)
Airthrie's policy to ensure the recruitment of suitable staff
School Visits and Journeys Policy March 2020 (PDF - 0.19 MB)
The care taken to ensure that visits are planned for safety of the pupils
SEND Policy May 2019 (PDF - 0.09 MB)
Airthrie's policy for Special Educational Needs and Disability
Separated Parent Policy October 2019 (PDF - 0.20 MB)
Separated Parent Policy
Staff Discipline, Conduct, Grievance Policy May 2019 (PDF - 0.12 MB)
Supervision Policy - April 2019 (PDF - 0.11 MB)
Teaching and Learning Policy - April 2019 (PDF - 0.12 MB)
Welfare, Health & Safety Policy - February 2019 (PDF - 0.37 MB)
Whistle-blowing Policy March 2020 (PDF - 0.10 MB)
Guidance for the reporting of Fraud, Misconduct or other Wrongdoing

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