Lunch Menus

When children leave Airthrie one of the things they say they will miss most of all is the food.  We pride ourselves on our home-cooked, healthy meals which are produced by our own cooks in our kitchen using fresh and locally sourced ingredients and 'cooked from scratch' in most cases.  In this way we are able to cater easily for a child who has a specific dietary requirement for whatever reason.  We adhere to the Healthy Eating Policy and the Eatwell Guide produced by Public Health England.  

School lunches cost £220 per term and this will be added to your invoice.  Pupils are also able to bring their own packed lunch from home - please contact our Bursar,  Mr Alan Williams ( if you wish to do this.

Please note that cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches and fresh fruit are available every day as an alternative.

Week commencing 19 February 2018

Meat free Monday 19 February

Vegetable fried rice with peppers, carrots and sweetcorn
Apple slices and white chocolate chip cookies

Tuesday 20 February

Chicken or Quorn casserole with boiled potatoes, green beans and peas
Strawberry crunch flan

Wednesday 21 February

Pizza with carrot batons and mixed salad
Yoghurt and home-made biscuits

Thursday 22 February

Roast gammon or Quorn fillet with roast potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and gravy
Swedish apple charlotte

Friday 23 February

Jacket potato with grated cheese, baked beans and salad
Pear slices with banana loaf

Week commencing 26 February 2018

Meat free Monday 26 February

Cheese quiche with new potatoes, carrot and cucumber salad 
Satsumas and oaty squares

Tuesday 27 February

Shepherd's or Quorn mince pie with cabbage and carrots
Fresh fruit pavlova

Wednesday 28 February

Pork or vegetarian sausages, risotto, mixed salad and tomato sauce
Pear slices and carrot cake

Thursday 1 March

Chicken or Quorn pie with potatoes, broccoli and peas
Vanilla and strawberry cheesecake

Friday 2 March

Fish or vegetarian fingers with potato wedges, baked beans and salad
Apple slices and chocolate krispie cakes

Week commencing 5 March 2018

Meat free Monday 5 March

Macaroni cheese with garlic bread and mixed salad
Satsumas and granola bars

Tuesday 6 March

Chilli con carne or vegetarian chilli with rice, peas and sweetcorn
Apple crumble and custard

Wednesday 7 March

Roast pork or Quorn fillet with roast potatoes and parsnips, cabbage and gravy
Cherry shortbread

Thursday 8 March

Vegetable stir-fry with peppers, broccoli and carrots
Chocolate crunch and sauce

Friday 9 March

Sausage or vegetarian rolls with baked beans and mixed salad
Pear slices and rainbow tray bake

Week commencing 12 March 2018

Meat free Monday 12 March

Cheese and potato pie with baked beans and mixed salad
Fruit salad and ice-cream

Tuesday 13 March

Chicken or vegetarian fajitas with roasted peppers, grated cheese and mixed salad
Pears and chocolate sauce

Wednesday 14 March

Pizza with cucumber and carrot batons and mixed salad
Yoghurt and homemade biscuits

Thursday 15 March

Pork and apple or vegetarian casserole with rice, carrots and green beans
Apple 'Chelsea' buns

Friday 16 March

Vegetable noodles with vegetable parcels, peas and sweetcorn
Orange slices and flapjack

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