Forests (the House System)

As with most traditional schools, Dean Close Airthrie pupils are allocated a 'house' on joining. However, we believe our system to be unique as our house names are taken from forests around England, namely:

Each Forest Leader is a member of  staff  and pupils are presented with a coloured enamel badge and t-shirt when they join their Forest.

Children earn Forest leaf points as rewards for their achievements, thoughtfulness and behaviour.  These are collected and totals are announced every Tuesday morning during our Celebration Assembly.    During closing Prayers at the end of each term a trophy, crafted from wood taken from trees native to Britain, is presented to the winning Forest.

Pupils wear their Forest t-shirt to meetings which take place up to four times a term.  This is a time when they gather together across the year groups to organise fund-raising projects, participate in art and craft activities or just have fun!  

Pupils enjoy the diversity the Forest meetings bring and are fiercely proud of their own Forest.

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