Airthrie Values

In September 2020 we launched the Foundation Stones; our key overarching aim of Flourishing, with its supporting values of Courage, Contribution and Love.

To flourish is much more than just to do well academically or to excel in one or more areas of school life. It is about really thriving; being healthy in mind, body and spirit, reaching one’s full potential. It is a big aim, but we don’t apologise for that; we want every child, young person and adult involved with the Foundation to find it a place that supports them in becoming their very best self.

To do so, we want to encourage each individual to develop the Courage to try new things and to keep trying, seeing temporary setbacks as opportunities to grow and learn. We want to develop a culture of Contribution, where each individual knows that they have something to offer, both within school and later in wider society. And we want to celebrate and promote Love; not a sentimental love but one which looks to make life better for friends, family and wider society, and challenges selfishness and apathy.

These Dean Close Foundation Stones are big ideas, but we want our young people and our colleagues to think big, aim high and set challenging standards for ourselves.

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